A Puppy Helped Heal My Grieving Heart

My husband and I spent a week in Miami for my brothers funeral. At 36, I had reached the hardest time of my entire life. 

The Saturday we got back from Miami, I quickly realized, the only thing that brought a smile to my face was watching puppy videos. I just wanted to be covered in puppies! Now, we already have two grown dogs, but I found myself craving the energy of a little one. There I was, on petfinder.com searching and searching. Was I crazy? We can't have THREE inside dogs! So my search was that simple. Just a search to keep my mind off the heartache.

Sunday morning came around and my husband and I spent the morning in bed. It was thundering outside, the perfect morning for cuddles. How grateful I am to have such a supportive man in my life. We showed each other puppy videos, puppy pics and read about different dog breeds. There we were, the two of us, on pet finder.com searching and searching! Then it happened. I saw this picture...

How animals help with grief

He was 8 weeks old, a Dogo Argentino mix. Ok so since we were technically "just looking", my search criteria was was far from being local. This little guy was located in Ocala, Florida, about six driving hours away from our home in Canton Georgia. So what did we do that Sunday? Lol, yup, you know it!!! We were driving down to Ocala in the pouring rain. A trip that should have taken roughly 6 hours took 8 hours.

We got there late at night. He was being kept outside with his brothers and sisters. All wet, shivering and in pretty bad living conditions. My heart wanted to rescue them all!!!  So there we were, in Ocala, signing papers for our new rescue. 

I am writing this blog six months later. I can't even imagine my life without this little guy. We named him Diego, aka Fuego, aka The Fueg, aka Bud. He is the most loving doggy EVER! He was raised in my arms and now is a 50 pound lap dog!

Fueg is like no other dog I have ever known. He truly has helped heal my broken heart. The puppy training, the laughs, the playtime, the snuggles, OH THE SNUGGLES! Yes my grieving process has been hard, but having him by my side has made a world of difference.

therapy puppy

puppy therapy




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