Love Transcends Life

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Sacred Spirit is a special example of an artist living their passion! From the beautifully divine creations to the intimate personal touch and customer care, every piece in this store is made with Irene's love and I feel it every time I visit and shop. Thank you for following your call to bring Sacred Spirit to life, Irene! It's a gift to all of us who find you. 

Keri Nola,

I am truly blessed. There are no words to describe what I am feeling. Irene has helped my grieving heart heal SO much! Her handmade pieces are just beyond beautiful. I messaged Irene and was immediately at ease! So kind, genuine, and TALENTED! Irene is meant to do this! Her commitment and understanding of how important this is was always clear. There was a true connection and her genuine soul just emits positive, healing energy. I am and always will be so grateful for all of the positive vibes that her and I shared! Irene was the answer to my prayers.

Sarah Hoekstra