Moss Agate Urn

Moss Agate Urn

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Going through a transition? Moss agate is a grounding stone that helps support new beginnings, allowing you to see beauty, in all things that come your way. 🍀💚✨

This handmade Urn was consciously crafted, for you to carry something sacred you hold close to your heart. Here you can store human remains or pet remains. Feel free to put other items in as well such as burial soil, a lock of hair, a flower, essential oils or any other sacred item. 🙏🏻✨

This one of a kind container pendant has been hand painted and oxidized to give it an aged finish. It also comes with a small funnel for you to do your sacred transfer. 

This product is handmade and will vary slightly from the picture shown. Always a one of a kind stones are chosen... a piece no one else will ever have!