Ashes Captured in Resin

Ashes Captured in Resin

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This here is an example of what I can create for you. All the resin pieces are completely customizable. I can put a dried flower in it or any kind of small (rather small) object inside. If you would like a crystal, I can attach any kind for you, or I can make it plain without the crystal.

Simply send me about half a tea spoon of your loved ones ashes per Pendant and I will capture them in clear resin that sets extremely hard and looks like glass. Whatever ashes are not used will always handled with care and sent back to you.

This comes on a 26" stainless steel chain. Please let me know if you would like another size and wish to customize the length. 

Here is what you are looking at in this listing's pictures:

Dried and pressed pink rose wth ashes set in resin. 

In the pendant you will see three dimensions.
1) The ashes of a beautiful soul who transitioned out of his physical body, the past. ✨
2) The little pink bud rising from the ashes, I hand picked from my yard, representing the present.
3) A Quartz crystal connecting the past and the present, connecting dimensions and amplifying the sacred truth of our being, our future. ✨

What an honor to capture the ashes of a loved one and create a relic to treasure for all time.