Cross Rising From Ashes

Cross Rising From Ashes

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A similar piece can be yours!

This amulet features a pinch of ashes set in resin with a cross rising from the ashes. 

The background is hand painted and set in a copper bezel that I have hand formed and soldered together. The piece is then oxidized to give it an aged appearance and placed on a stainless steel, 26" chain  

How I would make yours...

First contact me and tell me the color / colors you wish to have. While I am preparing your piece you would send me a small amount of cremains or soil from a special place. About a quarter teaspoon is sufficient. Make sure it is secure and double bagged before you put it in the mail. 

Once I receive your sacred package I will place the cross inside the painted bezel, sprinkle small mound on the bottom then seal it in resin. The resin dries crystal clear, rock hard and looks like glass. 

The entire process takes a week to complete. Please send me an email so we can get yours started as soon as possible!