The Process.

From the oceans, to the mountains, deserts, lakes, rivers and forests, I have always found peace in nature. I admire all the forces it brings, the natural formations, the light and darkness, and all the unique sounds that Mother Earth produces. Feeling this beauty in my body and allowing it to flow out into artful creations is like taking a breath of fresh air. 

Through nature, art, and my path as a healer, I have created a place where you can shop for more than just jewelry. My craft consists of combining nature's elements and molding them into unique, special pieces you can wear close to your heart. Take in the powerful energy and forms of expression inspired by the wind, water, sun and trees.

In my store, you will find one of a kind pendants, that are inspired by Mother Nature. With rustic metals, sacred stones, healing crystals and other natural earth elements, these handcrafted pieces are designed to help lift the spirit and enhance one's frequencies.

Each keepsake is handmade with a combination of metals that are melted and molded into natural drip formations. The structures are built with copper wire on top of stainless steel, durable glass containers, healing crystals and other natural items.

To open the urn pendants, simply unscrew from the top and you will be able to see the inside container. Here you can store human remains, pet remains, burial soil, lock of hair, essential oils, sand / soil from a special location or something sacred you hold close to your heart.

The pendants come with a small funnel and stick to help with your sacred transfer. The stick is used to help push the ashes / soil / sand through the funnel carefully, neatly and efficiently.

The keepsakes come in a sacred spirit pouch that is beautifully wrapped up in a gift box which is always gently handled with care.

How To Fill:

First decide whether you want to fill it or you need someone else to do it for you. If you need someone, I am always here and can do the transfer as well. Simply send me about half a teaspoon in a secure ziplock bag. Whatever is not used will always be handled with care and sent back to you. If you decide you can, plan a time during the day/night when things are quiet so you can be present to do the transfer. Create a space that is free from distractions. Inside the pouch that the pendant comes in you will find a small silver stick and funnel. Hold the pendant and place the narrow part of the funnel into the pendants opening. Have a teaspoon handy so you can scoop out some of the ashes. Pour the ashes into the funnel and push them through with the little stick. Use this method to fill in the desired amount. Once you are satisfied with the transfer, close the pendant up tightly. If you never want it to open, feel free to add some glue before you tighten it. 


Have something in mind that you don't see here? Please send me a message and I would be glad to accommodate you. You can even send me something of your own that you would like have attached to the keepsake memorial urn pendant. This is a very special process and each piece is so unique. I honor that sacredness and make sure you will receive the perfect piece!

Each pendant is handmade, unique from any other piece, oh, and of course.... Made With Love!

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