Crystal Waters Urn

Crystal Waters Urn

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This urn is made with a silver mixture of tin and copper, melted then dripped, creating natural formations. The metal is then hand painted and oxidized, giving the once bright silver finish, a rustic, aged look. This process is as the Tiffany Technique.

Attached to this piece is a beautiful stone known as Larimar. Larimar is a rare blue variety of mineral pectolite found only in the Dominican Republic.

Larimar embodies the relaxing Sea and Sky energies. It has soft, soothing colors of blue and calming turquoise. Within these hues you will find streaked white patterns that resemble an underwater scene of sunlight dancing through Caribbean waves. It harmonizes the body and soul, bringing ancient wisdom of Atlantis and the healing power of dolphins.

To open the urn, simply unscrew from the top and you will be able to see the inside container. Here you can store human remains or pet remains. A small amount of ashes will fit inside. Feel free to put other items in as well, such as burial soil, a locket of hair, or any other sacred item. These pendants come with a small funnel and a stainless steel stick. These tools are to help push the ashes through the funnel carefully, neatly and efficiently.

This comes on a stainless steel chain, placed inside a sacred spirit pouch, that is lovingly wrapped up in a gift box.